Larry Bundy Jnr

Larry Bundy Jnr Cartoon image

Larry Bundy Jr has has lead quite the varied career, from playing “Tango Man” in the Tango TV adverts, being a character and concept artist for projects for both Aardman Animation and Disney, to writing and presenting the World’s First retro gaming television show.  If there’s one thing Larry can never be accused of, its being unadventurous!

His YouTube channel currently boasts over 200,000 subscribers and 27,000,000 video views, where he focuses on light hearted/comedic histories of video games (some of which have been commissioned by Nintendo), as well as fun features on technology and comedy sketch animations.    His hilarious new show, “Fact Hunt” which focuses on obscure and funny anecdotes from history has proven to be immensely popular online and has been featured on YouTube’s front page multiple times.

Larry was also the first ever YouTuber in history to have a television show commissioned, “Guru Larry’s Retro Corner” which aired on Sky TV for over eight years. It also spawned the satirical review show, “Reviewmageddeon” as well as the light hearted comedy Top Ten series, “Wez and Larry’s Top Tens”.

Larry’s distinct narrative skills have also been highly sought after,  from television episode recaps of The Walking Dead (commissioned by the shows creators, Skybound) to official lore retrospectives for Game of Thrones for American audiences. He has also voice acted in a number of animated shows and sketches for the web.

Larry’s vast knowledge of video games has also come to the aid of The BBC’s consumer show, Watchdog a number of times, as well as major contributions for all of Charlie Brooker’s TV ventures into the genre.

He can also make pretty decent Butterscotch brownies!