Mandeville Sisters

Mandeville Sisters Film Premier

The Mandeville Sisters have combined their love of comedy, fashion and vlogging to create sketches, Look Books and their vlogging series ‘MandevWeekly’.

The girls are big fans of YouTube and everything that comes with it, but they’re also incredibly confident filming for TV, with Grace having starred in hit scripted series ‘The Sparticle Mystery’ for CBBC. The sisters filmed 6 episodes of ‘The Fear’ for BBC3 and not to mention frequently appearing in CBBC’s Lifebabble and Whoops I Missed The Bus. Most recently the girls have a permanent spot presenting online for MTV news. Amelia is also a budding writer who recently finished her third novel and is in development for publishing her exciting first novel.

The sisters broadcast 2 videos a week on their rapidly growing channel and are most definitely ones to watch.