Chai Cameron - mynameschai chair facing forward

23 year old Chai Cameron runs three very different but equally exciting channels. MyNamesChai is Chai’s main channel, where he makes a wide variety of videos, from telling stories from his life so far, to fuelling his competitive nature and doing challenges against his YouTube friends and even discussing weird conspiracies theories! It’s a place to hear Chai’s opinions on the world, watch him be goofy, and for his viewers to have fun.

ChaiPlaysGames is Chai’s gaming channel! This channel has a lot of Minecraft videos as well as indie and online flash games he thinks his audience would find amusing to see him play. It’s definitely not a channel to see him be good at games, but that’s not why his audience subscribe. It’s a channel to have fun and see Chai play some of his favourite games, and to see his usually… witty commentary, and humorous reactions.

Chai has recently created a third channel in which he posts video that show his audience what he gets up to when he’s not working on the other two channels. These videos show Chai when he’s out and about or traveling to different places across the world. However Chai isn’t your usual type of vlogger, he doesn’t just film some clips from his day and show you it. He tries to show you his life whilst also making it fun and engaging for the audience to watch, usually resulting in some of Chai’s weird sense of humour.